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Friday, 23 September 2011 15:23
Neurosurgery reconstruction INSIDE: 3D reconstruction of neurosurgery interventions for training purposes. In this project I reproduce state-of-the-art neurosurgery techniques in 3D (3DStudio MAX) from camera recordings of actual interventions.



The purpose of this project is to reproduce in 3D neurosurgery interventions for teaching purposes. The working window in this kind of surgeries is small, blocking the view for students assisting to the surgery. The 3D videos also allow the inclussion of extra information, like X-Ray, naming of bodyparts, etc.


This was a one-man project. I did all the modelling, rendering and yes, I got into the operating room to shot the real thing (bottom left image is a still frame from my camera recordings).

Screenshots from 3D neurosurgery

Top row: Renders of the tools and surgery hand. Middle row: Screenshots from the videos

Bottom row: Comparation between video and the actual intervention

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