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Sunday, 28 March 2010 18:57
Serious learning games SELEAG. Serious Learning Games. As partners of this international project, we developed the game engine and one of the three games (Age of Discoveries) used in the tests with students. 



SCUMM time mesh

The typicalTime Mesh scene. The SUCMM user interface was changed to a "time machine" style in the final version.


The project SELEAG (SErious LEarning GAmes) developed TIMEMESH, an online game about Europe. It is a collaborative and social graphical adventure game about the main historic events of our past.  It is divided in three games, each with four episodes: The Second World War, The Age of Discoveries and The Industrial Revolution.


time mesh screenshots

Screenshots from the game. From top to bottom:  The Industrial Revolution, The Second World War and The Age of Discoveries.


We chose three different styles for the artwork in order to analyze its influence i nthe gaming process. The only thing in common is the aesthetics of the main characters. The gameplay follows the SCUMM architecture, with inventory and interaction both with characters and objects. The engine is quite powerful and developed in FLASH ActionScript 2.0. It includes, a game scripting/level editor and a game engine. The diagram below  gives a glimpse at its structure.


adventure game engine

The engine allows for  multi user gaming and minigame add-ons.


One of the novel features of this engine is that allows for multiplayer mode. Yes. Multiplayer mode in an adventure game. Weird isn't it?  What happens here is that two teams or players can play a game simultaneously, however, at certain points of their respective games they will find blocking points (e.g.: a puzzle to solve) which BLOCK the progress of their partners until solved (not freezing them, just by missing an element needed in order to follow the plot).


Other thing that you will find during the game is flash minigames embedded in the main plot like quizes, platform games, etc.


minigame criptography enigma

Example of minigame: the cryptography machine ENIGMA (or at least a simpler version :-) )


Anyway the games are for free and you can play them at  which I highly recommend to do. Several languages are available.


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