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Sunday, 28 March 2010 17:49
Virtual Gothic Cathedral of El Pilar  This project was developed in 2005 for two customers: DGA (Aragon's Government) and the newspaper Heraldo de Aragon. The goal was to generate a virtual reconstruction of the lost Basilica of El Pilar. 


This mudejar-gothic style building was completely demolished in 1670 to build the current baroque basilica and very few sources of information remain (like this small view in a painting by Martinez del Mazo).

View of El Pilar 


We had to rebuild the interior from the description and inventory made by the notary before the demolition took place. During the research I collaborated with the archeologists in the creation of the blueprints of the building and drafts of the views. We visited some very interesting places usually closed to the public like the roman walls at the Covent of the Santo Sepulcro. Here are some of the drafts and blueprints that were published:



Blueprints of Mudejar El Pilar



And below some renderings of the interior made by the LsLuz team and a draft of the bell tower. Mudejar is a style very characteristic of this area.


reconstruction mudejar El Pilar
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