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Thursday, 10 February 2011 07:30


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I will defend my thesis "Perception based Image Editing" the next 8th of April in CPS, Universidad de Zaragoza [Spain].

The thesis is supervised by Dr. Diego Gutierrez [Universidad de Zaragoza] and Dr. Erik Reinhard [University of Bristol]. After the defense (if succesfull), the book will be available (e-copy) online in this web and the national University network.

I am honoured to have the following thesis committee members:  Dr. Ken Anjyo [OLM Digital, Japan], Dr. Sunil Hadap [Adobe Systems Inc, USA], Dr. Carol O'Sullivan [Trinity College, Dublin], Dr Pere Brunet [Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain], Dr. Xavier Pueyo [Universitat de Girona], Dr. Juan Magallon [Universidad de Zaragoza] and Dr. Francisco Serón [Universidad de Zaragoza].



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