Measuring the perception of light inconsistencies

Jorge Lopez-Moreno
Universidad de Zaragoza
Veronica Sundstedt
Trinity College Dublin
Francisco Sangorrín
Universidad de Zaragoza

Diego Gutierrez
Universidad de Zaragoza

Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization. APGV 2010


In this paper we explore the ability of the human visual system to detect inconsistencies in the illumination of objects in images. We specifically focus on objects being lit from different angles as the rest of the image. We present the results of three different tests, two with synthetic objects and a third one with digitally manipulated real images. Our results seem to agree with previous publications exploring the topic, but we extend them by providing quantifiable data which in turn suggest approximate perceptual thresholds. Given that light detection in single images is an ill-posed problem, these thresholds can provide valid error limits to related algorithms in different contexts, such as compositing or augmented reality.

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Our paper was selected as cover image for the proceedings of APGV 2010