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Thursday, 22 September 2011 15:36
Sancho Island Sancho Island. Online Graphic Adventure based in Flash technology. It features the popular SCUMM engine, combining literary rigor (Don Quijote novel) and the wittiest jokes we could come up with while being sober.



Back in 2005, I worked in this title both as Project Manager and Lead Artist. Together with Gonzalo Rodrigo (Project Manager and Core Engineer) and David de Torres (CEO and game designer) we started developing a Graphical Adventure a la SCUMM style which had quite an impact in online gaming (over 40k players per day). 


Sancho Island screenshot

Screenshot from the episode 2. They game included visual effects like 2.5D, shadows and light areas, animations (water, fire, etc)


Many more joined during the creation of nine episodes (around 8 hrs of playtime each) like Eleazar (Scripter), Sira, Bea and Germán (Artists), Adolfo (Music)...


Sancho Island Art

Top row: Creation process of a secondary character. Bottom rows: Examples of scrollable backgrounds. The church is from Agamasilla de Alba, where (apparently) Cervantes  places Don Quijote story. It's likely that he did not want to remember the place as he was imprisoned there.


The timespan of the project is kind of a Guiness Record for me. We completed four episodes (and the artwork of five more), plus the engine, in less than eight months. We got counsel from experts in Cervantes Literacy, and received good critics from academics regarding the literary rigor of the screenplay (jokes apart).


Sancho Island art and backgrounds

Some examples of backgrounds. I had a great time drawing these ones. We scripted brushes and automatic actions to speed up the creation process.

Sancho Island art examples

Aditional artwork, including animation parts and the concept art of several characters.

Back then, this was the first big project of our startup (OMEPET SL), focused in advergaming and mobile technologies. Good times.

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