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Thursday, 22 September 2011 12:12
Steel Rain Game engine As part of my final qualification project for engineer, I collaborated in the creation of Steel Rain, a full 3D videogame engine and level editor.



While finishing my engineer studies I was co-founder of SteelRain developing group (4 members). We designed and implemented a fully functional 3D net videogame engine (Editors, 3D world, AI, WAN/LAN connection…). We even developed most of our code (C++) in Rational Rose Diagrams which, in turn genereated the code for our classes. I learnt tons and had a great experience with my teammates:Barkley, Edu and David.


Steel rain logo

Logo of our engine

My major contributions were the AI engine and a few aspects of the graphic module. The AI was capable of creating scriptable (our own scripting language) diffuse (statistical) state machines to control the bots. The atributes of these bots were dinamycally created and even animations could b added on demand.

Steel Rain screenshot

Screenshot from the game showing two groups of creatures fighting. (models were loaded from Doom 3 for testing purposes)


The AI also featured flocking behaviours like swarming or smooth pahtfinding as shown in the figure below.


Steel Rain pathfinding

We developed our own nodels and artwork for a demo game, but it never saw the light =)


Steel Rain screenshot

Low polygon model of Steam Robot developed for the demo game based on our engine (untextured)

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