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Sunday, 28 March 2010 18:57
Domotic training DVD

Domus Novo was an European Project under the Leonardo Program. The goal was to develop an interactive DVD for trainning purposes in the field of domotic installations.



The project was developed in four languages for DEC consulting in collaboration with three international partners. Besides coordinating with the teaching staff, I designed the product and supervised the programming and art sections. 

domus novo menus

Left: Access area Right: Main menu. All backgrounds showeds mooth animations (flag moving, light dots refracting on crystals).

We used Macromedia Director to create a self executable DVD as it had to be portable and used without installation in any Windows machine (althought we do place a small file on the destination computer  as DVD's were not writable. USB sticks avoid that problem). 


domotic exam

Left: Example of a textbook page. Right: Virtual domotic house, created by our team for examination purposes.

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