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Sunday, 28 March 2010 18:57
Train CAVE virtual model CLS, Immersive Environment for Train Industry (2002). Virtual model of CIVIA train for engineering purposes. 



My first collaboration in a project at the GIGA group. In 2002 the CAF company decided to develop a virtual model of a train in order to test different design decissions like illumination, materials, shapes, etc.  If you have taken a CERCANIAS train in Sapin you will recognize the images shown below.



CIVIA 3D  model

Exterior view of the train. rendered in Softimage XSI and integrated in a real shot of Villalba Station


Most of the project was developed in Softimage XSi with support of Phothoshop, Premiere, After effects and in-house software. A CAVE with three screens was built to project inmersive stereoscopic views of the train (shown below).


 CAVE virtual set

Two different views  of the CAVE: In full inmersive mode and with additional information displayed on the sides.



Indoor views of the CIVIA virtual train

Indoor shots of the CIVIA virtual train. Degined by Giugiaro (italy) and rendered by our team

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