I have focused my career both in computer engineering  and digital arts. Currently I am researcher at the GMRV Lab, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain), supervised by Miguel Otaduy.


I obtained my  PhD at Universidad de Zaragoza: My thesis, Perception based image editing was funded and done in collaboration with Adobe Systems, menthored by Sunil Hadap. 

  As a brief resume, I have worked as freelance digital artist since 2001 (artwork available at projects and art gallery) while graduating as Computer Engineer (2005) and Ph.D in Computer Engineering (2011) at the  University of Zaragoza, supervised by Diego Gutierrez and Erik Reinhard,in the field of Computer Graphics and Vision.

On the industry side, I was co-founder of OMEPET, a startup company focused in Advergaming, cellphone and Flash videogames and developed the successful flash game "Sancho's Island" based on Don Quijote, which reached peaks of 40k players in a day. I also served as CTO of the startup WorldPathol (2011-12), awarded by the Government of Aragon in 2012 with an IDEA prize for innovation. During my PhD I collaborated with Adobe Systems, first researching as intern in the Advanced Technology Labs for around 7 months in San Jose (CA)  and after funded by the company, collaborating from Spain in the research of new features for image editing (Photoshop, Flash,...).

I was Postdoctoral Fellow at INRIA (in 2012 and 2013), under the supervision of George Drettakis in the REVES Group (Sophia-Antipolis, France), researching in image based rendering and vector art depiction (See our Siggraph paper). As part of my fellowship, I was member of the VERVE project (funded by the European Comission, budget: €4.8 million), oriented to the creation of realistic Virtual Environments for clinical applications. I also worked in a technology transfer project on automatic acquisition of Intrinsic Images for Autodesk Inc.

Currently I am researcher at the GMRV Lab in the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain), supervised by Miguel Otaduy. Next semester I will be teaching Advanced Rendering at the Master in Computer Graphics, Videogames and Virtual Reality.

jorge lopez-moreno
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Jorge Lopez-Moreno
jorge.lopez |at |urjc|dot| es
(+34) 914 884 628
GMRV Group
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Ed. Ampliación Rectorado, D 2011-C
28933 Mostoles (Madrid), SPAIN